About Prickly Pear Acupuncture

At Prickly Pear Acupuncture, I focus on providing individualized holistic (whole person) health care.  I spend 15-30 minutes face-to-face with each of my patients every visit.  This time is spent asking all the necessary questions to determine the root cause of your issue and develop a treatment plan specific to you.  I use a combination of acupuncture, cupping, tuina, herbs, dietary supplements, as well as dietary & life style recommendations to create long lasting results.  My approach is designed to help those with difficult and complex conditions and to provide you with the attention and care that you need to be your best.

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Chris Thompson L.Ac (#AC01446)

In high school, Christopher studied Health Sciences and became a Certified Nursing Assistant in 2001. That same year he went to state for a HOSA competition in Laboratory Technology.  From there, he studied biology and Japanese in college while he contemplated what aspect of medicine he wanted to get into.

In 2008, Christopher began his studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine at AOMA: Graduate School of Integrative Medicine.  There he trained under internationally recognized experts.  During this time his love of medicine blossomed.  In 2011, Christopher graduated with a Masters degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.  Since then, he has been treating people with a wide range of issues including: insomnia, stress, Parkinson’s, muscle and joint injury, pain, asthma, digestive issues, post-stroke recovery, focus and concentration issues, bronchitis, and colds.

Oriental Medicine Certification